Star Wars the Old Republic

Star Wars the Old Republic

Human Jedi Knight, Tython Master's Retreat, by Jana Allmand-Zeman
Human Jedi Knight, Tython Master’s Retreat, by Jana Allmand-Zeman

Stars Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) is a free to play game which you may join and download here: In this game you will have the choice of either fighting for the Light, the Galactic Republic, or the Dark side, the Sith Empire, of the Force.

Server Selection

You will have the choice of several servers in both North America and Europe and all servers are Player vs. Environment type servers. SWTOR also shows is the server is on the East or West Coast.

Creating your Character

Selecting Jedi Consular Character, by Jana Allmand-Zeman
Selecting Jedi Consular Character, by Jana Allmand-Zeman

you will get to choose from several different classes listed below. Once you have chosen your class you will be able to pick your species, customize the look of your character, and give it a name.

Light                           Dark

Trooper                       Bounty Hunter

Smuggler                      Sith Warrior

Jedi Knight                  Imperial Agent

Jedi Consular              Sith Inquisitor


Once you have created your character, you will begin your journey by learning your background story through a cut scene. You will then begin questing and leveling up while increasing your light or dark side by the many choices you will make in your story. You will be able to build your relationships with companions by giving them gifts and how you converse with them. Earning your personal Starship will allow you to participate in space combat, and you will also be able to compete in Player vs. Player events that will earn you experience.


You may become part of the BioWare forums where you can chat, read up on how other players are doing things, and to provide your feedback. SWTOR also has a guild system that gives additional rewards just for being in a guild, and extra 5% experience bonus to help you level faster. You can also just head to the fleet and read and chat with other players as a way of observing your community.

by Jana Allmand-Zeman, May 2016